About RealSocial.com

Our Mission is simple: Dramatically improve the way people buy and sell homes and massively support industry professionals to do a great job!

Here is how we dramatically improve the way people buy and sell homes:

  • The Listing Broker or Agent's name is always on their own listing so buyers know who the Listing Broker or Agent is. Many websites remove this information and replace it with an agent who pays for this title and the Buyer is not able to connect with the person who knows the most about the listed property. We believe in Transparency!
  • Buyers and Sellers are bombarded by Real Estate Agents and Lenders who pay to have the Buyer or Sellers information as a way to generate business. This model does not work, most sites conversion ratio is less than 5% because Buyers and Sellers don't want to be harassed. We want to put an end to all the unwanted emails, text messages, phone calls, messaging, etc. No one likes this part of the process; together we can change this! We believe the User Experience is extremely important.
  • Too often Buyers and Sellers have no idea of the status for their transaction. We have created a Panel where Buyers and Sellers can message their entire panel which may include their Real Estate Agents(s), Lender(s), Family, Friends, and anyone else involved in the transaction so everyone is kept up to date during the entire process and beyond closing. We believe in Exceptional Communication!
  • We allow all users to ask appropriate questions and to make appropriate comments in the public domain to help Buyers, Sellers and Real Estate Agents. Easy access to accurate information dramatically improves the Buyers and Sellers ability to make quick and informed decisions. The more educated the Buyer or Seller is the better the experience will be for all parties. We believe in quick access to accurate information!

Massively support industry professionals to do a great job:

  • Too many companies want to replace the Real Estate Agent and Mortgage Lender. Here is how we build the professional up.
    • Display the Listing Broker or Listing Agent's name and contact information on their listings.
    • Allow agents to comment on homes they have toured or represent. This will attract other Buyer's and Seller's to the agent at no cost.
    • Professionals who engage and connect will attract business. This is far better than chasing business when most of a professionals closings are those that are referred or attracted to them already!
    • Encourage all Buyers and Sellers to select an Agent so they can see all the local MLS has to offer.
    • Make it easy to include the Buyer or Seller's selected Real Estate Agent on all communication and tour requests.
    • Introduce the professional to the Buyer or Seller's friends, family and other professionals with our group conversations and Panel messaging.
  • There will always be the need for industry professionals. We are 100% privately owned, we answer only to our Users and Members. We will always consult our Members first so we can help them better service their clients and build deeper relationships. We believe Relationships are paramount!
  • We do not sell leads, we create the platform for people to converse about property and connect. Our membership is a flat fee so all Professionals can participate and "Join the Conversation™". Buyers and Sellers who do not have an agent will be directed to our list of local professionals. When the Buyer or Seller selects the professional the close ratio is much higher and the professional can invest their time and resources in servicing the client vs chasing leads who do not want to be chased. A higher level of service will always increase loyalty and generate more referrals. We are fanatics about the User Experience!
  • How do I generate more leads? Be active, make comments, invite Buyers and Sellers to add you and their sphere to their Panel, provide great service and you will be introduced to other clients. The real estate industry has and will always be about relationships!

Our Core Values: Transparency in all things, Fanatics about User Experience, Exceptional Communication, Quick Access to Accurate Information, and Relationships are always paramount.

The RealSocial.com Process

Since the creation of home search sites in the late 90's, Home Buyers and Sellers have shared their personal information in exchange for access to data. Their information is then sold to Real Estate Agents and Mortgage Lenders who relentlessly call, email, message, and text to earn the business. We have never met a person who loves this process. RealSocial.com wants to change this!

Working with Real Social is so easy

  1. Set up your profile
  2. Search and interact with others like any other social site
  3. Your information is only shared with those you create a relationship with

We welcome you to "Join the Conversation™"!

Agents, to open up your market call us at (206) 331-3268 or register today! It's easy and very inexpensive.